Kepingan Biskuit

Just the darkest mind of biscuit


No one can understand you more than yourself.
Whenever you try to express it so clearly
Still there is a cloud that hide a little part from what do you feel
That people can’t reach the meaning of
your hidden words, hidden feeling, hidden desire

You say you really hurt
But the wounds still yours, not them
They only can help about the cure
But to heal about yourself,—it still be your part
No one can take over that part from you

And inside your heart
You always think what you want to think
What you feel
And you always think about your right side
Try to avoid others feeling
To save yourself first

Because sometimes we are tired to be a defeated person
And try to win our ego
And it is natural,
the real about “human nature”

You are you.
The only person that have a control for yourself
And one more time,—
The only one that understand you are…

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