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Are We Still Made From Steel?


Dear My Bestfriend,

Do our friendship still made from steel?

Can we overwhelm all the problem instead torture each other?

Will we always face all the problem together?

Or we just run from each other?


Both of us know

We have done everything together

From laugh to tears

Together in craziness

Together in all battleship

Act like superhero that never feel afraid of anything


But when the things about us

Are we still made from steel

That cannot be broken by anything



We just set our heart like steel

Think about ourselves only

And not try to keep good communication

Put aside our ego

Then we torture together

In different path

Can’t rely each other

Because too much pain that we hold

Make us blind about all beautiful story

That created by each other


I still wish

That our friendship never be broken

Like steel

And so we are


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