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To My Dearest Bestfriend, Pluto


I really want to encourage you from a few days ago

But, I don’t know how to write

Maybe, it’s time to use heart than brain to write this

because my logic cannot arrange word to comfort you

But I hope, my sincere heart can do that


You are a good girl but you don’t want to admit it

Maybe you don’t believe what I say but…

I just want you to know, it is the truth


You have been hurt by irresponsible person

But you still want to forgive them

You still see all that kindness that they have done to you

You still re-think about your decision

Although it is really hard


You think that you are a loser

But I say, you are not

You think you are weak

And people can messed up with you

Because you are easily to forgive

But I said, you are stronger

You are precious

Forgive doesn’t mean you are weak

Forgive means that your heart is wider than others


Don’t hate yourself,

Don’t blame yourself,

Don’t think you are weak


Please, love yourself

Be kind with yourself

Don’t waste your care on people who don’t deserve that

Don’t take all blame that isn’t yours

You always deserve many good things, dude


Ps: I don’t know when you read this, but please let me know if you have read this



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