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A Messed Up Day


“How did you know that your day is messed?”

“Easy. Just see my face. You will look my flat face and dont want to smile even I really want to”
“But you always put your face so flat, how can I know and how can I decide this is your bad day?”
“Then try second step”, I said to someone in front of me.
” What is it?”
“Try to ask me through chat or in person,
You will see that I will not talk with everyone”
“How about I offer you some chocolate?”
“I know you steal that recipe on internet but it will not help anything, I have tried it before and still… I get sad”
“So what I must do when you have a bad day?”
“Just stay quiet for a while and take full attention to every code I share for you indirectly. You can stalk all my social media or anything that you know”
“And for the next?”
“You decide it, I will not tell you anything”
“How about hug from me?”, someone in front of me took a step forward and open that arms”
” I accept it gratefully”, I said in those arms

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