Kepingan Biskuit

Just the darkest mind of biscuit

Memories Cassette


“I’m sorry for your loss”, she said
“It’s okay. You don’t need to be sorry”, I said
“Why?”, she frowned and seems confused
“I have lost so many person that I have, and this time only a person that currently added in my lost list”, I explained
” So you get used to over this?”, she asked again
“No, I never.
A lot of lost not help you to used to over this. It only help your heart to be more sincere and you grow more mature to let go”, I said and I hear my voice turn into more sad intonation
” Then, have you not feel the pain because losing someone?”, she asked me again
“I do. Really do. If I turn back and play those memory cassettes– You know how much the pain that I feel inside my heart”
“Then I think another thought and smile”
“Smile? Why suddenly?”
“Because I still have those memories even I lose all my beloved person and those memories always remind me that I always have two choices— to consider it as a loss or to make myself stronger”
Now she nod her head, understand that there is no need to feel worry about “lost” because it helps you to be stronger than before

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